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2019CNC Micro Mill (3 1/2 x 18 1/2 inch table) with Nema 23 motor mounts, stepper motors, control system.  MACH3 software. Vise and a 6 piece collet set 

NOTE: Picture shown does not represent this complete system. Reference only.

This mill is CNC COMPLETE which means it includes the stepper motors, wiring, controllers and MACH3 software required of a fully operational CNC milling machine. It also includes a vice and 6 piece ER16 collet set. It is NOT A BALL SCREW type drive system.

Please be aware you need to be fully CNC literate when purchasing your own full CNC system from RDS. No step-by-step instructions are provided by RDS on how to perform CNC milling operations or operations of the TAIG control system. Such knowledge or skills are the responsibility of the purchaser. Any manuals or printed materials about the control system (If available) are from Taig Tools or MicroProto Systems.

RDS is not equipped or able to provide operation system support or training of any kind. Taig Tools supports the hardware control system and MACH3 software is supported by its own web site.

Here in the RDS workshop we are operating two Taig CNC Micro Mills. One with a home built controller and the second with a controller obtained from CNC4PC. A full report is available here on The Hobbyist Machine Shop website. Your experience may vary depending on your skills. 

"My personal bronze bearing Taig CNC mill has provided years of exceptional service and accuracy performing delicate lost wax carving for cast silver jewelry production. Using tapered milling bit tip sizes down to 0.003" with stepover between 10 and 20 percent (0.0003" - 0.0006"). This ball screw version will be exeptional in that kind of service" - Dan Kautz

Ramblin' Dan’s Store (RDS) does not stock the Taig Micro Mill in local inventory. All Micro Mills are dropped shipped directly from the Taig Tools factory in Chandler, Arizona, USA. You will be receiving the latest factory fresh production.

Please note:  Machine orders are transferred to Taig within 24 hours of receipt at RDS. Fulfillment and shipping from Taig is variable and can be 7 to 10 days to ship plus travel time. Some orders ship much faster. This lag is beyond control of RDS. Taig generally does NOT provide order tracking. RDS can determine when product ships from a billing notice.

No Direct Export Sales

Because the factory drop shipping is beyond the control of RDS, export shipping on this product is not supported by the pricing shown in this store. No export orders outside the continental USA will be accepted. All advanced payments made through the store will be returned and export orders canceled.

Contact RDS by email for additional information. Exports require much higher additional handling and shipping fees from factory to RDS, then from RDS to customer. RDS is not able or willing to provide low volume shipping by LCL ocean freight.

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